Intellectual Property

It has been a long time since intellectual property only meant literary works, music and inventions based on steam engines. Nowadays, intellectual property can be found everywhere, and it concerns every company and institution. Software and code snippets are protected by copyright, just like photos and promotional texts used in marketing. Almost every company has its own label or identification symbol to protect as a trademark, its output can be protected as an industrial design, etc. NOVE’s expert team helps clients manage and protect their intellectual property portfolio by providing advice and assistance in a wide range of works.

In the field of intellectual property, NOVE’s attorneys assist the clients in the following, among other things:

  • representing in intellectual property disputes at both courts and in various extrajudicial dispute resolution bodies (e.g. Board of Appeals, Domain Disputes Committee)
  • drafting author’s contracts and license agreements
  • advising on projects and specific issues relating to copyright and rights of performers
  • advising on the registration of trademarks and industrial designs and working with competent patent attorneys and other specialised experts to provide the client with an optimum integrated solution
  • analysing the legal protection of trademarks and industrial designs and the admissibility of their use
  • auditing the employment contracts of institutions or companies to make sure they contain copyright clauses which are in the best interests of the client
  • advising on copyright issues arising in the introduction and use of novel technologies (e.g. for NFTs and other blockchain technologies and applications based on artificial intelligence)
  • training courses on intellectual property.

Intellectual Property team:

Mart Parind (team leader)
Arsi Pavelts
Marika Mugur
Mari Past
Veiko Vaske
Sten Tikerpe
Laura Raadik