Family Law and International Family Law

Family law undoubtedly addresses people’s most private concerns and often evokes a great deal of emotion. NOVE’s family law team is happy to support you in these difficult situations and to assist in any way with out-of-court negotiations. Should it prove impossible to reach an out-of-court agreement, we can offer solutions and assistance in even the most complex family law disputes. This includes situations where the parties live in different countries or where children have been taken abroad without the other parent’s consent. Andra Olm has advised and represented clients in all areas of family law, both in Estonia and abroad.

In relation to family law, we assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Parenting and child support agreements
  • Contestation and establishment of paternity
  • Disputes regarding the right of access to children
  • Modification and restriction of legal custody in court
  • Powers of decision (e.g. to travel with children or to register their place of residence)
  • Maintenance obligations, including child support
  • Transactions with children’s property
  • Advice on the choice of marital property regime and the conclusion of marital property contracts
  • Divorce and division of marital property
  • Termination of non-marital cohabitation and matters relating to property acquired jointly during cohabitation
  • Legal aspects relating to adoption
  • Establishment and termination of guardianship, obligations of guardians
  • Special guardianship
  • Training in family law (property relationships between spouses, maintenance, legal custody, guardianship, rights and obligations of local governments as guardians)
  • International child abduction, return of children under the 1980 Hague Convention
  • Recognition and enforcement of agreements and decisions on parental responsibility abroad
  • Recognition and enforcement of agreements and decisions on maintenance obligations abroad
  • Cross-border divorce (matters relating to jurisdiction and applicable law)
  • Advice and representation in enforcement proceedings concerning maintenance, legal custody and right of access

Family Law and International Family Law team:

Andra Olm (team leader)
Indrek Niklus
Liis Kikas