About the Office

NOVE is specialised mainly in resolving business disputes and consulting on complex transactions. 

NOVE was founded as a boutique law firm specialising in dispute resolution in 2016. Today our team consists of almost 20 persons and we have extended our practice areas also to transactions and business consultation.

NOVE’s motto is “less, but better”. We value quality, uncompromisingly client-focused approach to service excellence and efficiency, and we focus only on areas in which we are highly competent. When necessary, we form a consulting team of our unique specialists, combining academic knowledge with practical experience. We do not advise in practice areas where we cannot have the best expertise. 

In addition to our specialisation, NOVE’s advantage consists also of the vast experience of our attorneys. Every assignment given to us by a client is performed with the direct participation of an attorney at law and partner of NOVE who has long-term experience in the respective practice area and who forms an optimum consultation team for completing the assignment.

NOVE’s strengths are also its academic portfolio and participation in legislative drafting. Three of our team members have a Doctoral level degree. Almost one-half of our team members are also members of the teaching staff of Tartu University. Several members have participated in the drafting of principal laws for years and have been co-authors of important private law textbooks and legal commentaries. 

We understand that a legal service that takes the client’s interests into account comprises also a pricing model which ensures the transparency and predictability of the costs and expenses involved in a service. We therefore recommend our clients to prefer alternative pricing models in contrast to the hourly timekeeping which is prevalent in the legal market, and if possible, we work based on project-based fixed-fee arrangements

NOVE’s clients are mainly medium-sized and larger companies. We value long-term trust-based cooperation relationships which enables our experts to be currently informed about the practices and specifics of the client’s activities. We support our clients’ lawyers or legal departments in issues that require specific legal expertise or experience.

Our values

Our values are the cornerstone of our goals and our practice, inspiring us as a team and ensuring the best solutions for our clients. NOVE is guided by the following values in our practices:

Excellence and experience. We ensure excellence of our legal service and application of expert experience in performing all assignments of our clients. Every assignment is guaranteed the attention of a partner of the respective practice area.

Focus and commitment. We dedicate our full attention and focus on performance of our clients’ assignments. We are always here for our clients.

Uncompromisingly client-focused approach to service excellence. Our client and client satisfaction always come first in all aspects of NOVE’s activities. There are no exceptions.

Business-mindedness. We offer solutions that meet the actual business needs of our clients.

Honesty and ethics. We are honest and responsible. Not only do we ensure the lawfulness of the solutions offered by us, but we also always consider the ethical aspects of possible solutions. We do not raise unfounded hope in our clients. We always support our clients even at the most difficult moments.

Teamwork. We act as a common team together with our client, and our client relations are based on openness and trust. If there is no necessary top specialist in NOVE’s own team for a specific project, we engage the best financial advisers, experts of other areas or attorneys from other law offices in Estonia or abroad.

Innovation and resourcefulness. We continue to evolve, we are forerunners in formulation of new solutions and development of the legal regime.