Mart Parind, one of Estonia’s leading experts in public procurement law and European law, joined NOVE

In May, one of the most brilliant new generation talents in the field of law – Mart Parind, a top expert in public procurement law and European law – joined the team at NOVE Law Office. In the previous five years, Mart worked as a member of the Public Procurement Review Committee, administering justice in the first instance in hundreds of public procurement disputes. Also, he has extensive experience working as an attorney. Mart is a renowned lecturer and author who has co-authored in the publication of the core work of Estonian public procurement law: the commented edition of the Estonian Public Procurement Act.

According to Veiko Vaske, Head of Public Procurement at NOVE, Mart’s joining the office will reinforce the position of the office as a centre of excellence in public procurement law: “In the public procurement disputes that have very tight deadlines, NOVE is able to provide clients with a unique team where the unparalleled experience of the two former members of the Public Procurement Review Committee is complemented by top-level trial lawyers and experts, in the field of construction and IT law, for example.”

In addition to reinforcing the public procurement team, Mart will be leading the development of the fields of European law, intellectual property and sports law at NOVE. “As a true fan of public procurement law, I am, of course, delighted to have the opportunity to be part of NOVE’s first-class public procurement team. For me, an equally important factor in joining NOVE was the prospect of making a strong contribution to the development of other areas close to my heart. I can see that the expertise and experience NOVE has accumulated will allow us to provide our clients with top level legal aid in European matters, various intellectual property issues, as well as in the contact points between sports and legal fields,” Mart said.

Mart has expert knowledge in European Union legal matters and is the author of a collection explaining and analysing European Union law, “Euroopa Liidu õigus. Eesti vaade” (UKU 2022), unique in the Estonian language, which has found its way to the desks of many Estonian legal advisers and judges. With the addition of Mart’s expertise, we can provide NOVE’s clients with the highest level of advice on all issues related to European law, including disputes at the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights.

In the field of intellectual property, as an attorney, Mart has advised clients on the legal protection of trademarks, helped create successful strategies in trademark disputes and participated in the drafting of numerous author’s contracts. The team at NOVE helps clients manage and protect their intellectual property portfolio by providing consultations and assistance from author’s contracts to licensing agreements to dispute resolution.

Combining his passion for law with his second passion – sports – Mart is also very much interested in the legal issues concerning the activities of athletes and sports organisations and will be leading the field of sports law at NOVE. The first-class legal knowledge of NOVE’s attorneys allows us to offer well-tailored solutions to our clients in sports in order to achieve the desired result in the best possible way for the client.

A more in-depth overview of Mart’s work experience can be found here and NOVE’s areas of expertise here.