NOVE’s architectural design legal team is led by Marika Mugur, an attorney-at-law with additional higher education in applied architecture

Since September 2022, Law Office NOVE architectural design practice area is led by the attorney-at-law Marika Mugur. Marika has both legal and technical (applied architecture) higher education, which allows her to delve into the most complex technical issues related to architectural design either in contract drafting or dispute resolution. Her educational background is supported by her extensive experience in legal counselling and litigation. Marika has also worked in the insurance sector and has consistently practised insurance law, which gives her a unique background for advising clients in professional liability insurance issues.

According to Kristjan Tamm, head of NOVE’s construction and real estate practice area, in the future NOVE aims to focus more on architectural design clients: “The architectural design practice area was previously a sub-division of the construction and real estate practice at NOVE. The development of the architectural design practice area and Marika’s architectural education will help the office to better understand the needs of designers and architects and to provide them with the best legal advice”.

The attorneys of NOVE’s architectural design practice area have a complex and unique set of knowledge and experience in legal issues related to architectural design letting us provide legal advice to architects and engineers, but also to their cooperation partners (clients, professional liability insurance providers/brokers). The architectural design team has extensive experience in preparing, negotiating, and advising design-related transactions, both from the client’s and the contractor’s perspective, as well as in dispute resolution.

More information on the architectural design practice area and the team can be found here.