Karin Sein and Arsi Pavelts participated in preparation of the second edition of the Commentary on the General Part of the Law of Obligations Act

On 14 October 2016, the second revised and completely re-written edition of the important tool of the Estonian lawyers, the Commentary on Law of Obligations Act I, was presented on the 34th Estonian Lawyers’ Day in Tartu.

The authors of the book also included NOVE attorney-at-law Arsi Pavelts who is the author of the comments to the acknowledgement of obligation regulation (LOA § 30) that has resulted in a lot of disputes and judical practice for more than a decade. NOVE legal counsel Karin Sein participated as an editor in preparation of the whole work and wrote the comments to § 14 of Chapter 2, Divisions 3-5 and § 11 and 7 of Chapter 4.

The first edition of the commentary’s first part was published in 2006, the second part in 2007 and the third part in 2009. The present edition include comments to LOA General Part (§-d 1-207). The present edition takes into account the Decisions of the Supreme Court after the comments to the first part were already written, i.e. as of May 1st 2006, as well as amendments to the Law of Obligations Act as of January 1st 2016. Some parts have more corrections and clarifications, some have less. Some comments on the provisions where the law has been amended have been re-written, for instance Chapter 2 division 2, 3 and 5, § 111, 141, 281, 821, 1131 and 1132.

Upon preparation of the comments, the focal point is continuously on the decisions of the Supreme Court. Even though the authors have refrained from burdening the readers with lots of references to literature, the list of literature has been added to the work including also references to publications of other authors published in Estonia or abroad, doctoral and masters’ theses defended at the University of Tartu written on law of obligations or related issues.