Banking and Finance (B&F)

NOVE advises clients on all banking and financial law transactions and projects.

Our team members have advised several credit institutions, credit providers and payment institutions in relation to their establishment, restructuring, liquidation, applying for respective authorisation from the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority, preparing internal rules and other documents for this purpose. Our portfolio includes advising a number of insurance undertakings, fund management companies, investment firms, listed companies, telecoms and other large corporates as well as fintechs and startups on local and cross-border financing transactions and regulatory issues.

In terms of transactions we have advised our clients on a wide range of high value secured and unsecured financing transactions with loan and equity capital, syndicated loans, project and trade finance transactions, private equity and venture capital transactions, distressed financing transactions, bond issues, LMA based loan agreements, ISDA based derivatives transactions, security agreements and arrangements involving shares, rights, claims, accounts, immovables, ships, fuel, railcars and other movables, as well as issued hundreds of legal opinions regarding the same.

We advise our clients on structuring of transactions, as well as preparing all necessary documents, negotiating and closing of transactions.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Advising a public financial institution on the financing and restructuring of a construction company on the verge of insolvency (distressed financing)
  • Advising an international private equity investor on the restructuring of loans of a distressed shopping center operator, taking over and selling the collateral
  • Advising several telecom companies on applying for a payment institution license
  • Advising several financial institutions on applying for a credit institution license
  • Advising a credit institution on its liquidation proceedings
  • Advising a credit institution on its investment services
  • Advising a credit institution on the sale of its loan portfolio
  • Advising several foreign credit institutions on starting, restructuring and terminating business in Estonia
  • Advising several financial institutions on applying for a credit provider’s and credit intermediary’s license
  • Advising the financial regulatory proceedings for acquisition of qualified holding in a credit institution and a fund management company
  • Advising a bank on separation of its deposit taking and lending activities
  • Advising a large-scale company on financing a 25 m euro M&A transaction
  • Advising real estate developers on large-scale financing transactions and their restructuring
  • Advising an investment company on developing its compliance function
  • Advising various credit providers on large-scale bond issues and their restructuring
  • Advising an industrial company in a large-scale and cross-border trade financing transaction
  • Advising a listed company on various financing transactions and financial regulation
  • Advising several global investment banks on a wide range of large scale financing and collateral transactions with Estonian companies
  • Advising banks and other financial institutions on compliance with anti money laundering regulation, including compliance audits, risk appraisal and assessment and rules of procedure
  • Advising banks and other financial institutions on all types of collateral transactions with shares, rights, claims, accounts, real estate, ships, fuel, railcars and other movables
  • Advising insurance companies on cross-border restructuring their organisations, activities and on regulatory issues

Our team:

Risto Agur (team leader)
Urmas Volens 
Triin Tiru
Marika Oksaar