Kristiina Koll, a specialist in private law and EU legislation, has joined NOVE

Kristiina Koll, who has been working as an adviser at the Private Law Division of the Ministry of Justice for the last 10 years, joined the law firm NOVE in February.

Kristiina advises NOVE’s attorneys in all areas of commercial law, specializing mainly in contract and corporate law matters. Kristiina’s joining also strengthens NOVE’s field of public relations and various legal analyzes and studies.

Kristiina has participated in the development of all the most important changes in the private law in the last ten years. Thanks to her long-term work experience at the Ministry of Justice, Kristiina is well-versed in the legislative process in both Estonia and the EU. She has long-term experience in participating in various working groups of the EU Council and the Commission and in representing the interests of the Estonian state.

According to NOVE’s partner Arsi Pavelts, the addition of Kristiina’s competence increases the office’s ability to provide top-quality service and support clients even in the most complex legal issues. NOVE will continue its strategy based on a clear specialization, a combination of practical, academic and legislative experience, and a strong ability to focus.