NOVE joined the Estonian Defence Industry Association

NOVE Law Office is a member of the Estonian Defence Industry Association.

Estonian Defence Industry Association (EDIA) is a is a non-profit organization that represents all the main defence and security industry related enterprises in Estonia. The purpose of the EDIA is to represent the interests of the member companies and to create better opportunities in the markets for defense and security services and goods, contributing to strengthening Estonia’s defense capability and economic development.

The staff of NOVE, which has several reserve officers with the work experience of a public official and members of Defence League is pleased and honoured to contribute to the security of the country and the work of EDIA. We use our experience and legal expertise to advise companies and organizations on public procurement, contracts, policies and legislation. Our experts, in addition to extensive dispute resolution and contracting experience, have also participated in a variety of legislative, policy and security development projects, thus becoming a valuable partner in defense industry. Currently NOVE is composing  a legal analysis about the Estonian supplies necessary in a crisis situation, which can be found here.